Tuesday 4 October 2011

The Country Girls Crew Profile 2 - Mikel Murfi Director

Mikel Murfi is from Sligo. He has played in The Playboy of the Western World, The Morning After Optimism, The Tempest and The Comedy of Errors at the Abbey Theatre. Other acting credits include The New Electric Ballroom, Lyndie's Got a Gun, The Increased Difficulty of Concentration (Druid), The Chairs (Blue Raincoat, Sligo), The Cure (Half Moon Theatre, Cork), The Clerk and The Clown, Playing A Round (Galway Arts Festival), Stokehauling, SickDyingDeadBuriedOut, Half Eight Mass of a Tuesday, Come Down from the Mountain John Clown John Clown, Macbeth, God’s Gift, The White Headed Boy (Barabbas), Studs, Melting Penguins (The Passion Machine), Lady Windermere’s Fan (Rough Magic) and The Tender Trap (Pigsback). He directed Arrah Na Pogue and B for Baby for the Abbey. For Druid he has directed Penelope and The Walworth Farce. Other directing credits include Diamonds in the Soil, The Lost Days of Ollie Deasy (Macnas), The Mysteries (Co-director, Macnas), Falling out of Love (Yew Tree Productions) Trad (Galway Arts Festival) and The Lonesome West (Lyric Theatre, Belfast). Performance credits on film and television include Ella Enchanted, The Last September, Sweety Barrett, The Butcher Boy, Love and Rage, Guiltrip, Words Upon the Window Pane, The Three Joes, The Commitments and The Ballad of Kid Kanturk.  He directed Druma (a short film for Macnas) and John Duffy’s Brother (for Parkfilms based on the Flann O’Brien short story, screenplay by Eoghan Nolan). Mikel trained at Ecole Jacques Lecoq, Paris.