Thursday 6 October 2011

The Country Girls Cast Profile 4 - Charlie Bonner in Multiple roles

Work with Red Kettle includes: The Dignity Programme, The Last Cowboy In The East, Happy Nights, The Queen & Peacock, Choke My Heart and The Stomping Ground. Also in 2007 Charlie featured in Jim Nolan's Sky Road in the Theatre Royal Waterford.

Other credits include: Macbeth, The Comedy Of Errors, The Shaughraun, Living Quarters, Observatory, Toupees & Snare Drums, Portia Coughlan, Good Evening Mr Collins, Monkey and Philadelphia Here I Come for the Abbey and Peacock theatres, A View From The Bridge and The London Assurance in the Gate; and most recently Dancing At Lughnasa with Second Age and Someone Who'll Watch Over Me with Blackwater.
Television and film work includes: The Crush (Nominated for Best Short Film at this year's Academy Awards), The Race, Joyriders, Ulysses, Omagh, Badly Drawn Roy, This Is Nightlive, The Tudors, Proof, Fair City and Starfish.